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Facial Trauma Reconstruction

Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons are specially trained to treat and manage facial trauma. Some of the most common causes of facial trauma include falls, accidents, automobile accidents and interpersonal violence, but, in reality, there are numerous ways in which damage can be done to the face that requires reconstruction. Injuries from these situations can include fractured teeth and jaws, lacerations, fractured facial bones, knocked out teeth and intraoral lacerations.

Following a trauma assessment your injury will generally fall into one of three main classifications:

Soft Tissue Injuries – This includes lacerations to your skin and any intraoral (gum) damage.

Knocked Out Teeth – Also known as avulsed teeth, these are common injuries and require immediate attention to ensure success of reimplantation.

Bony Injuries – This classification involves the whole face and can include fractured jaw bones, cheekbones, noses, eye sockets and palates.

Special Regions – Involves nerves in the face, eyes and salivary glands.

Reasons for Facial Trauma Reconstruction

Though restoring the facial aesthetics following damage to the face is the obvious reason for trauma reconstruction, various health and oral concerns can also occur with even minor trauma. Facial injuries of any kind should never be taken lightly. Various things such as speech, swallowing and even respiration can be affected dependent upon the location of the injury.

Despite the fact that broken facial bones are most often taken care of in an emergency room, a dentist can swiftly deal with any damage to the teeth. Ignoring dental and facial trauma and leaving it untreated can lead to various long term issues including:

  • Loss of Functionality – Teeth often become loose in their sockets as a result of trauma, making eating and speaking more difficult.
  • Smile Aesthetics – Aesthetics are important for a pleasing facial appearance, and issues such as broken, missing or chipped teeth can be easily repaired by Dr. Wetmore, restoring that beautiful smile.
  • Bite/Jaw Irregularities – Following trauma, teeth can often become misaligned. This can lead to uneven teeth wear, TMJ and various other complications.

If you have questions about trauma reconstruction, please contact our office.