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Patient Reviews

I was treated by three or four different oral surgeons before my dentist referred me to Dr. Wetmore when he started his practice in Broomfield.  I am so grateful to be one of his patients.  He is personable and accessible, and I believe he truly cares about his patients.  I never feel like I’m being rushed through an appointment.    He takes time to explain what he is doing and why.

The first implant he placed, about six years ago, has never given me any trouble, nor have two of the other three he placed four years ago after he extracted my remaining teeth.  The third implant recently failed.  Dr. Wetmore removed it and placed another next to where it had been.  When I asked for the bill, the receptionist told me that I didn’t owe anything, because Dr. Wetmore guarantees his work.  I was shocked, because I fully expected to be charged for the surgery.  After all, I did get almost four years of use out of the implant.

Dr. Wetmore isn’t my first oral surgeon, but as long as I live and he remains in practice, he will be my last.  He has earned my respect and trust.

Donna J. F.