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Dental Implants

Dental implants are an excellent alternative to missing teeth or providing a fixed solution to dentures. Because of their stability and support they can enhance or restore your smile with a healthy, natural look.
Implants are artificial roots and teeth that Dr. Wetmore will surgically place into your upper or lower jaw. They are generally made of titanium material. Their strength and durability means that they will likely last for many years. Occasionally they will need to be re-tightened or replaced because of normal wear and tear.
Reasons for dental implants:

    • To replace missing teeth without impacting adjacent teeth
    • To restore or enhance facial tissue
    • To resolve bite problems or jaw pain resulting from teeth shifting into spaces where teeth are missing
    • To restore and correct speech, chewing and digestion
    • To support or replace dentures or bridges
    • To restore your confident, healthy smile

What does receiving dental implants involve?

The entire process will require several months of visits.

To correctly determine the condition of bone, gum tissue and spacing available, x-rays and impressions (molds) will be taken of the jaw and teeth. The procedure will be performed under local anesthesia, allowing the implant to be surgically placed into the bone and integrate itself onto the bone. This portion of the healing process will take approximately six months. Because there are different kinds of dental implants, the post and anchor may be attached at the time of the first visit, or a second surgery may be necessary to place the “post” that holds the artificial tooth in place.

Once healing is at a satisfactory level, the artificial teeth will be fitted to the post part of the anchor. This step may require up to two months, as more than one fitting may be necessary. When the teeth are securely attached to the dental implant, you will experience excellent stability of your teeth and there should be no discomfort.

Care instructions will be given to you once treatment is complete. Regular checkups along with excellent oral hygiene habits will help extend the life of your implant.